GPH-NDFP Peace Negotiations, Oslo, Norway Feb. 15, 2011

2011 feb oslo ap&tl&lj exchands morsession

GPH Panel Chair Alexander Padilla, RNG Ambassador Ture Lundh, and NDFP Panel Chair Luis Jalandoni shaking hands before starting the morning session


2011 feb oslo gph&ndfp negopanel members

GPH and NDFP negotiating panels members


2011 feb oslo ap&lj opening

GPH’s Alexander Padilla (left) and NDFP’s Luis Jalandoni exchange panel credentials during the Opening Ceremonies of the Formal Peace Talks. Oslo, Norway, February 15, 2011


2011 feb oslo gph&rng&ndfp

The GPH Panel on the left, the RNG Facilitators at the center and the NDFP Panel on the right. (Photo by Mayet Atienza)


2011 feb oslo lj openstate

NDFP Negotiating Panel Chairperson Jalandoni delivers NDFP’s opening statemen

2011 feb oslo rng facilitators

Ministers and ambassadors of the Royal Norwegian Government, Third Party Facilitator to the GPH-NDFP Peace Talks. (Photo by Mayet Atienza)

2011 feb oslo td openstate

OPAPP secretary Teresita Deles delivers GPH’s Opening Address, instead of Chairperson Padilla

2011 feb oslo gph negopanel

GPH Panel. (Photo by Mayet Atienza)

2011 feb oslo ndfp negopanel

The NDFP Panel. (Photo by Mayet Atienza)

2011 feb_peace_talks_closing_ceremony_01

Hand shaking at peace talks closing