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Press Statement, January 14, 2018


                        RESPONSE OF PROF. JOSE MARIA SISON
                            TO OFFER OF PRESIDENT DUTERTE


I welcome the positive statement of President Duterte that he would like to converse with me one on one. Such statement is more important than his still angry words in his recent interview with Minda News.

In the interest of the Filipino people and for the sake and purpose of resuming the peace negotiations. I am willing to have serious conversations with President Duterte. It would indeed be a waste if we would not interface even once, considering the success of the four rounds of formal talks since 2016.

Considering our mutual convenience and sense of prudence, we can meet in a country that is a neighbor of the Philippines. In this regard, the chairmen of the GRP and NDFP negotiating panels can agree on the arrangements. After the resumption of the peace negotiations, I can go to the Philippines for my first visit after a long time.